VARIOUS – The Bands  Of F*GHT C*R*N*, Today: SPIT ACID (Osnabrück)

Spit Acid – cries of the insane


Location: Osnabrück

Label: DIY



Spit Acid sind wütend. Und das lassen sie uns in ihren Songs spüren. Dreckiger, rauer Sound, aggressiv, schnell, Punk!


Song No. 05 auf VARIOUS – F*GHT C*R*N*: Trash Head 

Song No. 39 auf VARIOUS – F*GHT C*R*N*: Cotton Candy




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Hey Punx!Last friday we accidentally had our baptism of fire when we played our cover version of Rebel Girl from Bikini Kill. Stay tuned for more songs in our original line-up. Love, Spit Acid

Gepostet von SPIT ACID am Sonntag, 3. November 2019


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